IntentService and JobIntentService

Oct 16, 2020


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First, let’s create IntentService and then migrate to JobIntentService.


In Android 11 IntentService is deprecated.

Create from template IntentService:

In AndroidManifest.xml this code will be generated:

The MyIntentService.kt class should look like this:

In MainActivity.kt we will setOnClickListener on button and launch startActionFoo(…) static function:

Logcat output would look like this:

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Now, let's migrate from IntentService to JobIntentService.

Change AndroidManifest.xml code:

MainActivity.kt class will stay the same.

In MyIntentService.kt do the following changes:

The Logcat result will be the same.

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Send results from JobIntentService to the UI

Let's send data from JobIntentService to TextView by clicking the Button.

First, create inner class MyResultReceiver(…), and pass it as a parameter to static function, which will start the service.

MainActivity.kt class code change:

In startActionFoo() function, we get receiver, put it into intent and start service.

In onHandleWork(…) we create Bundle, put required data there, and using receiver send it to UI.

Change MyIntentService.kt class's code:

Layout: When Button will be clicked, the text on TextView will be equal to the received text e.g. "param1"

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