MySQL Installation for Mac: Community Server and Workbench

4 min readDec 23, 2021


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This article is written not to forget how to install MySQL to mac laptop and connect to IntelliJ Idea. I know that in future i will forget how to do it and not to google again wrote it as an instructions for myself. If it helped you, i would be very glad.

1.Go to

4. Install downloaded file:

click Next
Enter password and save it somewhere locally:
click Close

5. GoTo System Preferences:

should appear MySQL icon click on it

click MySQL

6. Be sure that it is running, if not click start

click Start MySQL Server
Should look like this

7. Download MySQL Workbench

click MySQL Workbench
click Download

8. install it

9. run the MySQLWorkbench in Applications:

10. Check connection:

right click -> Edit Connection…
click Text Connection -> Should see successful MySQL connection


Let’s create database for development purposes and connect to IntelliJ IDEA

11. Open Connection

12. Go Users and Privileges and click Add Account

13. Enter login, host, password and click Apply

14. Add Roles to the newuser to let him/her e.g. create database

15. create new mydb connection

16. Open connection -> goto Schemas -> Create Schema

enter name and click Apply
click Apply
click Close
Should see newly created schema

17. GoTo IntelliJ IDEA

in database create Data Source

18. Enter username, password and scheme (in our case it is “new_schema”) ->click OK

new database should be created

19. in add this code, by changing username password and url

20. That’s it, just launch the app, and everything should be connected. if not, don’t ask questions in comment, just google :)


kill server via terminal

netstat -vanp tcp | grep 8080
tcp46 0 0 *.8080 *.* LISTEN 131072 131072 71329 0 0x0000 0x00000006
kill -9 71329




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