Remote debugging with Android emulator

Daniyar Nurgaliyev
2 min readOct 14, 2020


Launching Android studio application on emulator which is on another computer.

Photo by Loewe Technologies on Unsplash

The development computer is MacOs, the remote computer is WindowsOS (where emulator is launched).

Settings for Computer B: WindowsOS

  1. Download Bitvise SSH Server and install.

2. Open downloaded program and Go to Settings
-> Open easy settings

-> Open tab "2. Windows accounts"
-> Click Add

-> Click "lookup" and try to find current Windows userName, then click ok
-> Check “Allow port forwarding”
-> Ok

-> Save changes

3. The server should have already been started, if not click Start server

4. Download and install Android Studio, and create and launch emulator

Computer B with MacOs

1. Type Terminal command:

Then type "yes"
-> Enter
-> Enter

It will generate 2 files on the path: ~/Users/MacUserName/.ssh

2. Type Terminal command:

Change username and ip address to Computer A's.

Then Enter the password of Computer B's username

3. Open new Terminal and type following command (unnecessary):

The result should be something likes this:

This means that we have a connection with remote device on Computer A.

4. Type Terminal command:

It will reload adb devices and you will see it on Toolbar panel as a "Virtual Device"

Now just click Run on Your development computer and the application will be launched on another device's emulator.

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